About Us

Panetta concrete was founded over 30 years ago by Benito Vincenzo Panetta. Benito came to America from Italy with hopes of providing a better life for his young family. He worked alone for many years taking jobs that involved working with concrete and masonry. Many years later Benito's eldest son Rocco joined the business as a partner to build the company. Rocco’s expertise is in flatwork concrete and masonry, as well as a background in building high-rises, tilt up concrete construction, pre-cast concrete, and is a journeyman carpenter.  He is also very knowledgeable in landscaping work. As the company grew and more and more jobs came in, Benito's youngest son Andy joined the business as well. Andy’s experience starts from an early age of hands on work with his father learning old school traditions, and from his brother Rocco teaching him new construction practices and technologies.   After a few years of Father and sons working together, Benito decided to retire and move back home to Italy. Rocco and Andy have been working together since, growing the business and striving to maintain the quality work and craftsmanship of their father.